This Year's Symposium

Year 2016

The MTT International Microwave Symposium will be held in San Francisco, California, USA, May 22-27, 2016.


Click here to go to the official MTT-IMS web site.

Every year the Steering Committee puts together a web site both to advertise the symposium and to disseminate information. The web site has pretty much all the official information you need to attend the symposium. There is a link for on-line registration and housing reservations, as well. 

New things this year

  • Holding the IMS in San Francisco is nothing new, but it's a huge improvement over some previous locations. 
  • The bad idea of charging for admission to the Guest Suite will continue. Interesting--in 2014, the charge for the guest suite was decreased by almost half, and the quality of the suite increased from the previous year. Funny how that works.  
  • The paper acceptance process has gone from a big mistake (double-blind reviewing) to an even bigger mistake, reducing the standards for originality. If this continues, the IMS will be indistinguishable from the Solid-State Circuits Conference.


Why go to the IMS this year?

In any case, you should attend for the same reason you'd go in any other year: for microwave geeks, the IMS is far and away the most important technical event of the year. However, there are even more good reasons: 

  • It's in San Francisco, one of the best locations for the IMS. (See our IMS City rankings.) 
  • It's not Phoenix, Tampa, or Fort Worth. 
  • If you live in a warm part of the world, it's a nice place to cool off in the summer.
  • It's the home of the Anchor Brewing Co., one of the last great, old-style breweries. Take a tour, but get your reservations in early.
  • Good coffee, UC Berkeley, Stanford, Silicon Valley, and other socially useful institutions.
  • Prices aren't really that bad. You didn't need that money, anyway.

For information about San Francisco, here's a good place to start.