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Welcome to the Unofficial MTT Complaint Department, where you can complain about all the things that offended you on this website. Of course, this may take awhile, so we've made the process as easy as possible for you. Really easy. We tested it on six-year-old imbeciles. Even you should have no trouble using it. 
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    We all know that any government that elects itself and is responsible only to itself quickly loses sight of its reason for existence. If this site offends you, you're already there.   
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    So you have shitpiles of dough, uncontrolled power, and a whole stable of captive slaves you can subject to ever more demeaning treatment. But that's not enough. You want us to admire you, too. 
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    The one really important thing you didn't learn in your lofty scholarly education is how not to take yourself so seriously. Here's what we think of your attitudes. 
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    We've had some reports of trouble with this link. If it fails, please send complaints by mail in triplicate, along with a $50 processing fee (cash, please) to 
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