Next Symposium: May 22-27, 2016; San Francisco, CA, USA

If you are a noble and pure microwave technogeek, you probably are already planning to attend the MTT International Microwave Symposium (or IMS, to those of us in the know). If you aren't, why not? Did the boss refuse your travel request? Are you an impoverished grad student? Or, has the whole thing become so complicated that it's a little intimidating?  If any of these apply, c'mon in. We can help. 

By now you've probably found the official MTT-IMS web site and have read the party line about the symposium. Here you'll get the straight story. The information in this site is guaranteed to be 100% unapproved by the MTT Adcom, the IMS Steering Committee, or anyone else in a position of authority. Unlike the official information, it is designed to help you (instead of the MTT Society) get the best deal in attending the symposium. Stick around; there's a lot to learn. 

This year's symposium

    The next MTT International Microwave Symposium will be held in San Francisco, California, May 22-27, 2016. This is relatively early, so it is likely that paper deadlines will be a week or so earlier than usual, as well. Check the official site for more information. 

The IEEE Radio Wireless Week

The MTT Society now sponsors a winter symposium. It was intended to take some of the pressure off the IMS, which has indeed been growing. Instead, it has taken a lot of pressure off itself, which is something of an accomplishment. 

What to register for

    The MTT Symposium offers a confusing collection of events. Filling out the registration form is about as easy as getting an import license for Mediterranean fruit flies. This should help you sort it all out.

How to get your boss to send you, and what to do if he won't

    Working for one of those cretins who thinks that a symposium is just an expensive junket? Relax. I've been there. Here are some tested ways to get the boss on your side, or to get him (or her, let's be fair) so pissed off that he'll (she'll) do his (he...oh, hell!) best to get rid of you for a while.

MTT Symposium Questions and Answers

    Ever wonder how the MTT symposium gets assembled every year? Where the money comes from? Why it's never outside the US? Here are the answers.

How to get there without spending a bundle, and how to get a decent, cheap hotel room

    It's easy. Just remove the housing form from your registration materials, fill it out carefully, and burn it. Then, go to this page. 

The technical program (oh, yeah, that!)

    Well, that's what you're here for, isn't it? Sure, it is. 

If you're presenting a paper

    Be sure you know the rules, written and unwritten. Also, here's how it's really done. Relax. You'll do fine. 

Where to get the best free meals

    There's more free food at the symposium than in a Burger King dumpster, and most of it is at least as good. Here's how to get your share. You might even bring some home to the other grad student living in the abandoned car with you.

How to exploit the vendors

    The MTT Symposium is overrun with salesmen, all of whom have deep, deep pockets. They come to the symposium to be exploited by the local convention center and to exploit you in return. You go to the symposium to exploit them. See how it works?

Party time!

    Remember, you're dealing with a bunch of engineers. These guys' idea of great entertainment is putting light bulbs in a microwave oven and watching the filaments explode. Still, there are opportunities to have some real fun. After all, what's a symposium for?

The trade show

    Are you one of the plutocrats exhibiting your wares at the trade show? If so, you don't need this page. Or, maybe you do...

Should you bring your family?

    Thinking of bringing your family? (Geez, you really don't want to have any fun, do you?) Here are some ways to keep them entertained and prevent them from cramping your style.

Complaint department

    Are you offended by this web site? Hey, this is the New Age, and in this PC world, you've got a God-given right to Freedom from Offense! If someone says something you disagree with, you have every right to shut him up. Here's your chance to get even!

 Graphic Courtesy of the Elektro Technische Vereniging, Haarlem, The Netherlands