The Bicycle Pages

Steve Maas
Long Beach, California, USA


Touring and Bicycling

I've done a little touring and, more often, I use a bike for general transportation when in Europe. The above picture is my touring/hybrid bike outside a cafe in Aveiro, Portugal. I wish I could do more touring, especially in Europe, and I wish I had time to recast all my journals for this site. Still, here are a couple.

Personal Pages and Photo Albums

Links to some photo albums of trips and tours, classic cars, and other items of interest. 

Bicycling in Ireland

My six months in Ireland bicycling, pub-hopping, and impersonating an academic in 2005.

Around the Bodensee

A trip report describing a 1998 tour from Zürich to the Bodensee, around it, and back.

A Month of Bicycle Commuting in Sweden

I spent a month in 1997 in Göteborg, Sweden, working and bicycle commuting. This page describes the experience.

A Stay in Sweden: First Month and Second Month

Two months in 2009 in Göteborg, Sweden, which included a fair amount of cycling. No journal, just on-line photo albums.

European Bicycle Tour, 2010

A tour through Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. Just pictures, for now;  eventually, I'll add my journal. 

Vintage Bicycles, Restoration Projects, and Cycle-Related Miscellany

I like to collect, ride, and restore classic bikes. Below are the journals and pictures of some of my restoration projects, as well as some interesting bikes in my stable. 

The Carlton Project

Project journal of my 2002 restoration of a Carlton Catalina, a British touring bike from the mid 1960s.

The Allegro Project

Journal of my 2003 restoration of a late-50s Allegro, a Swiss racing bike.

The Austro Daimler Inter 10

My Austro Daimler, a bike that deserves more respect than it gets. 

The 1966 Chrome Hetchins Magnum Opus

A full chrome Hetchins Magnum Opus, a fortuitous find.

The 1980 Hetchins Magnum Opus

A page describing my Hetchins Magnum Opus, one of the most beautiful bikes in the known universe.

The Hetchins Keyhole

My Hetchins Keyhole, not quite as elegant as the Magnum Opus, but still a great bike. 

The Hetchins Spyder

A less ornate Hetchins, but still elegant. Purchased from the first owner, in virtually original condition. 

The Masi Gran Criterium

Restoration of a well used and well loved Carlsbad Masi, mid 2004. 

The Olmo Project

Restoration of a mid-50s Olmo, started in 2003. 

The Colnago XL

My 1988 Colnago XL, an early restoration. 

The Peugeot Project

A "bike-boom" era Peugeot, acquired in 2003. An interesting story, I think, but it probably never will be restored. 

The Schwinn LeTour

Restoration of a Cinderella bike, a Schwinn LeTour.

The Chrome Rossi

Yet another  Cinderella bike, a chrome-plated Rossi. Never heard of one? Neither had I.

Trash-Can Giordana

A pretty little bike rescued from oblivion, used as a paint experiment, and given to a friend.

Anodizing Aluminum Bicycle Components

I do aluminum anodizing for fun. Here's how I reanodized a set of brake calipers for my 1978 Colnago Super. Also some pictures of the Colnago itself.