Personal Pages and Photo Albums

Steve Maas, Long Beach, California, USA

May, 2011


This page contains links to various subjects, and to a number of photo albums from trips Julie an I have made. Some of these pages have a "home" link that takes you to my Bike Pages, as they're linked from both places. If you don't close this window, you can get back here easily. 

Photo Albums

Porsche Weekend 2015

The big annual Porsche weekend in SoCal..  

Nice and Leuven 2014

A trip to Belgium for the 2014 INMMIC, preceded by a week of relaxation in Nice.  

Germany and Israel 2013

A trip to Munich and Nuremberg for the European Microwave Conference and to Israel for COMCAS. Plenty of time, between them, for sightseeing.  

Long Beach to Ventura 2012

A 100-mile ride from Long Beach to Ventura.   

Ireland 2012

A trip to Ireland for a conference and, as is customary for us, a little additional sightseeing.  

Space Shuttle in LA

A The Space Shuttle Endeavour arrived in LA in late 2012 and was transported from the airport to the California Science Center. It was quite a sight.   

Spain and Portugal, 2012

A rarity for us: going to Europe simply for a vacation. This was, in part, to celebrate our 40th anniversary.  

Los Angleles CycLAvia 2012

A rolling, car-free romp through Los Angeles. 

Berlin, Dresden, and the Erzgebirge, 2011

A trip to Dresden with a stop in Berlin and some exploration to the south. 

Pacific Coast Highway Ride, 2011

A ride along PCH from Newport Beach to San Clemente.

Austria and the UK, 2011

Photos of our trip to Vienna for the 2011 INMMIC Conference and a subsequent trip to Wales and Cornwall. 

Los Angleles CycLAvia 2011

A fun day riding through an auto-free downtown LA. 

New Mexico, 2011

A trip to Las Cruces to see friends and just take some time off.. 

New Zealand, 2010

A three-week trip to New Zealand, in which we drove from the north end to the south, and back. 

European Bicycle Tour, 2010

A bike tour that I'd been longing to do for quite some time. 

Gothenburg, Sweden; April-May, 2009

Gothenburg, Sweden, and Rome; September, 2009

Two one-month stays in gothenburg, while I was a visiting researcher. The second trip included a jaunt to the Eurpoean Microwave Conference in Rome. 

San Gabriel Ride, 2009

A nice ride through the San Gabriel Mountains on my 60th birthday.


Classic Cars and Bicycles 

Here are some links to pages on bicycling and classic automobiles.

The Bicycle Pages

Descriptions of bicycle tours I've done and  bikes I've owned and restored.

1960 Austin Healey "Bugeye" Sprite

A page describing my Sprite, plus links to info on Sprite projects and technology. .

1967 Porsche 912

The 67 Porsche 912 and related projects.

1952 MG TD

The restoration of a classic MG.

1966 Triumph TR4A

The restoration of another classic, this time a Triumph.

Oils and ZDDP (PDF)

Results of my research into the issues surrounding ZDDP in motor oil.

Oil Myths (PDF)

Article from the GM Techlinks periodical, by someone who actually knows something.